Category - Sex Toys for Women – Learn How to Get Multiple Orgasms!

Sex toys for women have become quite common over time, and many people may think that this popularity owes to women liberation. However, archaeologists have discovered some early sex toy models from the Paleolithic era. Though there are no instructions as to how people used these devices, a quick look at them will get your imagination going.
However, the fact that sex toys have been in circulation for centuries does not make their selection and use any less intimidating. As such, it helps to know as to what options are on the market, how to use them and ways to exercise caution on the same. Here are some options that will send you to cloud nine, whether you are using them for partnered sex or alone. Enjoy!


Of all women sex toys discussed on adult forums, these seem to take the lead, and it is not for naught. Most women have a vibrator tucked somewhere such that they can reach for it when they feel the need. Vibrators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
They also come with a different set of features. Beginners should start slow in a way that they can understand what works for their body as they move on to bigger sizes and more complicated shapes over time. They also come with different strengths, thus allowing you to start at low speeds as you drive yourself into a frenzy when things get heated.
A rabbit vibrator is a popular option in this regard. It comes with a shaft which you use in penetration as well as an arm which works to stimulate the clitoris. Most women cannot orgasm without simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris and vagina and with this toy, you can finally say hello to one big, happy finish.
There is the G-spot vibrator which allows you to send pulsations to your g-spot and if you have not experienced a g-spot orgasm, you will not believe how incredible the feeling can be. You will be coming back for more vibes in no time.
There is also the magic wand. With this vibrator, you can stimulate all your erogenous zones starting from your nipples all the way to your clitoris. You can also use it on your partner’s penis and balls during foreplay, and the resultant sex will blow your mind.
Once you experience the strength of a vibrator, you will understand why many women have them on their nightstands.


If you wish to be in control of movement, these toys are a great option. They also come in an array of sizes, shapes, and materials and there is something for everyone.
Beginners trying out sex toys should consider these options as you get to have control and understand your body better before venturing out to other toys. Materials in play include silicone, steel, and glass and your choice should depend on the sensation you wish to experience. If you are looking for something comfortable, silicone will do.
However, if you want to apply sufficient pressure on your g-spot for the ultimate orgasm, consider using glass or steel toys. Using dildos can get uncomfortable in the beginning, and it is always best to use some lube.
Regarding dildos, you can also opt to use strap-ons during partnered sex. They come in two parts: the harness and the dildo. The harness has an opening at the front where you fit the dildo, and either you or your partner should wear the harness around the waist. In this way, whoever is wearing the harness can penetrate the other vaginally or anally.

Kegel balls

These balls also go by Ben Wa Balls, and they are weighted balls which you slip into your vagina and then held in place by way of flexing your vaginal muscles. These flexing motions act to stimulate your g-spot, and you can get an explosive orgasm as a result of the tension. They come with a cord which not only adds to the stimulation derived from their use, but it also aids you regarding retrieving the balls once you finish.
These balls have many benefits. For some women, they act in helping them achieve a g-spot orgasm. They also aid in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, and this is especially useful after childbirth and in women who suffer urinary incontinence.
Over time, you will notice that your orgasms are much stronger owing to the strengthening of your muscles. It is quite tempting to use them in anal play, but it is vital that you note that they do not work for this purpose and the results can send you to the ER.
If you want more pleasure from the use of these balls, be sure to consider the duotone balls. They are much bigger and heavier than kegel balls. Also, they have smaller balls in them, which enable you to experience varying sensations, thus resulting in unimaginable pleasure. When choosing kegel balls, be sure to get a size that is comfortable for you. You should also look into whether the material is suitable.

Suction devices

For people who love oral sex, these are the go-to devices. They come in shapes and sizes that comfortably fit around the clitoris. When in operation, they work by using suction sensations which in turn induce orgasms.
An example would be a pussy pump which works like a penis pump. It works by sucking air around the clitoris, and you, therefore, experience a sucking sensation. Blood rushes to your clitoral area and sensitivity increases, allowing you to experience each suction. They also have a transparent chamber that enables you to watch as your lips swell with pleasure.
Over time, the use of these devices results in a tighter pussy, and you achieve orgasms much more comfortably than before.
You can also select a smaller version in the shape of a lipstick. These stimulators work discreetly, sending suction pulsations up your clit at different speeds and enabling you to achieve a pleasant finish without lifting a finger.

Anal toys

Trying out anal sex can be quite painful at the early stages, and there are ways in which you can simplify the process: sex toys. Traditional penetration is quite hard for a beginner and sex toys will work to pave the way for subsequent anal play.
These toys go into the anus and work to stimulate you by reaching pleasure points you never knew you had. They come with loops or flared bases to ensure that they do not get stuck. They are quite useful in both solo and partnered sex.
A good option in this regard would be the anal beads. These come with a set of balls of varying sizes attached to a long string. You insert the balls into your anus, starting with the smaller versions as you work your way to the larger ones. The beads are either made of silicone or hygienic rubber to make them safe for use in penetrative sex. They also come with a handle or a loop for ease of extraction.
Masturbation allows you the freedom to try out techniques you probably would not want to try out with someone. You also get the privacy to do so. And let’s be honest, it surely beats snoozing in your free time.
There is this belief that the use of sex toys can hinder the ease of getting an orgasm when with a man. However, this is a myth, and it could not be farther from the truth.
You see, with the continuous use of sex toys, you begin to understand your needs better, and this helps you in guiding your partner as to what you would like. In the end, you notice that your sex life becomes better than before and you thus strengthen your bond with your partner.

What makes a good sex toy?

If you have not bought a sex toy in the past, the chances are high that you are unsure of what to consider. Here are some criteria to help you out in this regard:

The material

The best surface would be one that is non-porous, and silicone wins in this category. You should also look for something body-safe and easy to clean if you plan on using the toy regularly. If you wish to use silicone lube, then you must ensure that the toys you get are non-silicone and good alternatives include hard plastic, stainless steel, and glass. If you are on a budget and thus cannot meet the above requirements, use a condom.


Ensure that the toy you pick allows you to play about with the speeds such that you do not get bored over time. It will also enable you to find what works best for you.


If you plan on using the sex toys around people, then go for one with a silent motor.
You can also shop for waterproof sex toys which will allow you to take the fun to the bathroom or other wet environments.
Sex toys for women come in all shapes and sizes, and it will be a while before you find what truly gets you there. In the meantime, have fun experimenting. Enjoy!