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Men’s sex toys are relatively new on the market, with most of the focus being on women in the past. Previously, men relied on penis pumps and blow-up dolls, and over time, it became evident that there was a need for men’s sex toys aimed at eliciting pleasure.
As such, men now have a wide selection from which they can get gadgets for solo use as well as partnered sex. Some are pretty easy to use, and they have many users such as the fleshlight while others take some time to get used to such as the Utensil Race line.
Here, we present you with a list as to what sex toys are available on the market as well as their features. In this way, you can make a prudent decision, regardless of whether you are purchasing the toy for yourself or your partner. Enjoy!

The fleshlight

When it comes to male masturbation, this device is one of the few that take the day. It works for both beginners and pros, and it comes in a compact flashlight case that allows you to go about your masturbation in secret.
It also has realistic sensations in that it features ridges like those of a vagina. It also has lips which welcome you into the canal. What’s more, the insides are warm to the touch, and you can adjust the width of the channel if you wish. Here are some options in this regard:

Fleshlight girls

There are also fleshlight girls, which are fleshlight gadgets fashioned to look like those of famous porn stars. Examples include models of Riley Steel and Nicole Aniston. In this way, using the fleshlight gives you sensations close to what you would experience with the real star and the thought of that will surely drive you over the edge.

Fleshlight in a can

You could also decide to start with a fleshlight in a can sex toy. It is compact and easy on your pocket. What’s more, it enables you to get the fleshlight experience, thus allowing you to get a feel of what it’d be like to get a full-sized toy. It is an ideal place for beginners to start.

Fleshlight Vibro

The fleshlight is good enough as it is. However, with a few vibes in play, the sensations will drive you over the edge. As such, if you are looking for something to get you there in a matter of moments, look no further than the Fleshlight Vibro. It comes with a soft sleeve powered by three bullet vibes which you can also use independently in foreplay.

Cock rings

These gadgets work wonders in prolonging the amount of time that you can hold an erection. Once your penis is erect, and the cock ring is in place, it becomes increasingly hard for blood to leave your cock, thus trapping a sufficient amount of blood in your penis.
As such, sensitivity in the region is at a high level, and you, therefore, get to enjoy sex more than you would without the ring. It also helps you maintain an erection for a long time, thus adding on to your partner’s pleasure. You can also use these gadgets with a penis pump for added enjoyment.
These gadgets are a great alternative to delay sprays as well as libido-enhancing pills, and they are available in a wide array of designs and sizes. Here are some of the cock rings available on the market:

Vibrating cock rings

These devices not only enhance your erection but they also send vibrations down your shaft as well as towards your partner’s clitoris. They are stretchy, allowing them to fit any size as well as to ensure that the grip is comfortable. With vibrations in play, both you and your partner will be groaning in pleasure in no time.

Double cock rings

With these devices, you get rings for use on both your penis and testicles, thus further enhancing your stamina. Their stretchy nature allows them to fit just right and you will experience intense stimulation from the increased blood in the region.
You can also add pleasure to the process by getting a ring with a vibrating motor. However, if you wish to have stamina, be sure to avoid cock rings with double vibrations as these will make you cum at fast rates.

Adjustable cock rings

These rings are ideal for people who have not used cock rings in the past as well as for men with big girths. They work by allowing you to play about with the dimensions until you figure out what works best for you. While some like the ring to be loose, others prefer that the loop be tight.

Rigid rings

These gadgets are for those who have experimented with cock rings in the past and are thus aware of how big their erect penises are as well as how tight they would like the rings to be. They hold on to the base of the penis, allowing you to keep going for as long as you wish.

Penis extensions

These gadgets enable you to add girth and length to your penis, and they come in a broad range of sizes. All you need is to choose your desired size, slip it over your penis and secure it before you get going on your partner.

Men use these gadgets for many reasons. It could be that you are curious about how the sex would be if you were a little bigger down there. With a penis extender, you need not wonder anymore.

It could also be that you suffer erectile dysfunction such that you can lose your erection during intercourse. With these devices, you can keep going even when you lose your erection as the sleeve in play will remain firm, allowing you to pleasure your partner.

Male masturbators

If you are in search of another way to get off without having to resort to using your hand, here is a device to help you out in this regard. Masturbators come in a broad range of finishes, sizes, and shapes, allowing you to choose one that is ideal for you. Though they are compact, they are quite efficient in stimulation.
Sensations in play include but are not limited to stroking, teasing, swallowing and vibrating and in the end; you will find that it is quite easy to achieve the big O by just relaxing and allowing the masturbator to do its thing. If you ever want a helping hand, you now know where to look.

Penis pumps

You can also choose to increase the size of your penis by using a penis pump. Through the use of suction movements, blood flow to your penis increases and you will experience an increase in sensations. What’s more, you also get to see an increase in the size of your cock.
Regular use of the pump results in a long-lasting boost of your cock size. If you wish to see immediate results, place a cock ring on the base of your penis before you start pumping. Once you finish, you will note that your penis will have added length that will last a while even after removal from the cylinder.

Prostate massagers

It is quite easy to climax from only prostate play, and an excellent way to enjoy sex in this manner is through the use of these sex toys. These toys work in stimulating the p-spot which is a hidden treasure trove two inches deep into the male anus. With these toys, you should start small before venturing into more significant and more complicated designs.

Pocket vaginas

It is no secret that women have tons of sex toys which they can discreetly carry around, and it is high time that men too got to have a piece of the action. With pocket vaginas, you get to have a sex toy that you can take with you on those long trips. They come in realistic designs that will have you feeling like you are having sex with a woman.
From the ridges to the soft interiors, these toys have all you need to get to one big, happy finish and you will enjoy every minute. These toys work great for beginners as well as shy couples who are looking for a basic design that works.

Realistic vaginas

For men looking for something practical in both looks and feel, this is the way to go. When it comes to these vaginas, you have quite an array from which to choose with varying features as to texture and shape.

Sex dolls

There are many sex dolls on the market. For one, there are the cheap ones that you would come across on a stag night. There are also lovely sex dolls with silicone finishes, enabling them to look and feel like real women. You can either use these dolls for solo play or a fun threesome with your partner.
Men’s sex toys keep on increasing in the market, and the key to a wise purchase is in knowing what gets you there. Only then can you get an incredible toy for both you and your partner. All the best of luck!