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Adding sex toys to a relationship is a sure way to add some flair to your sex life and is thus a way to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. However, the subject of sex toys is not the easiest to bring up as it can lead to conflict in a relationship as some people may see it as a form of cheating.
Others could think that you are expressing dissatisfaction regarding your sex life. To avoid a situation where the conversation is not fruitful, we have provided some tips, which when followed will result in a healthy sexual relationship.

Suitable sex toys for couples


Cock rings

If your partner has difficulty sustaining an erection for a long time owing to erectile dysfunction or they are looking for a way to build stamina, here is a way to go about that. Cock rings come in various designs and sizes, allowing you to choose what works best for him. Some are stretchy while others are rigid and it all depends on what works best. These gadgets work by constricting blood flow around the base of the penis such that sensitivity in the area increases. In this way, you will notice that your man can keep going as he controls his cumming owing to the ring. There are also varieties on the same which come with a vibe which works to stimulate your clit and his shaft. The result is out of this world, and you will both be glad that you took the chance with this gadget. It works for all experience levels.

Butt plugs

If you and your companion have been thinking about trying out anal play, a butt plug will come in handy. They come in compact shapes, thus allowing you to be comfortable as a first-timer. Some also vibrate, thus adding to the sensations experienced during penetration. Be sure to choose a butt plug with a smooth exterior to ensure that you do not experience discomfort upon use. For men, this is a great way to explore your p-spot.

Insertable vibrators

You can use sex toys while simultaneously having penetrative sex. A good example would be by the use of insertable vibrators designed to stimulate both the clitoris and the g-spot. They come with rabbit ears that work to enhance sensations in your clit as the other end works on your g-spot. When having sex with a man, he gets to experience vibrations up and down his shaft, thus making him enjoy penetrative sex even more. The resultant climaxes are intense.

Bullet vibes

Whether you are looking to play about with your man’s balls or you are looking for a way to get your clitoris stimulated, this is the way to go. This mini-vibe sends strong vibrations that work in stimulating various erogenous zones. As such, all couples can use it to fool around with each other as they figure out what gets them there.

Male masturbator

If you are having sex with a male partner, here is a way to make sure they scream out your name. You can choose to go the usual way where you get them a disembodied vagina or anus in a tube. You could also opt to get them masturbators with silicone in the interior. In this way, you lube them up and move the gadget up and down their length as if you are giving them a hand job. They will not forget this experience.
You can also opt to use a vacuum cup masturbator. In this way, they slide in, and you move the cup to accommodate their motions. It is a pretty easy way to give them a hand job, and you get to learn what drives them over the edge.

Vibrating knickers

Here is a fun way to ignite the spark with your female partner. Get them to wear the vibrating panties and when they least expect it, send some vibrations their way. It will be quite fun watching them try to maintain a calm expression at the dinner table when you know that things are getting heated down there. Given that you have control over how high or low the speeds are, you will also get turned on.


This gadget works on both men and women. As such, find the right size for your partner and get going. Be sure to look into whether the material is right as well as how comfortable your partner is.
Be sure to exercise caution as you take on this journey and remember to have lots of fun!

Getting into sex toys

Dip your toe
The best way to start is by bringing up a conversation that seems to have little to do with your relationship. It could be that you are watching an adult film where sex toys feature. As you are watching, you could bring up the sex toys by asking your partner what they thought of the scene.
If they are willing to carry on the conversation, you could then venture into whether they would be willing to try out different things in the future. However, take a hint and save the topic for a later day when they are in the mood to participate, in a situation where your partner seems uninterested in going further with the conversation.
One of the key reasons why people tend to shy away from the use of sex toys is that they feel that their partner might be seeking ways in which to replace them. It could make them think that they are unexciting in bed and such feelings could lead to insecurity which would, in turn, sour a relationship. As such, it is essential that you let your partner know from the beginning that the introduction of sex toys has nothing to do with their sexual prowess but gets instead hinged on exploring new concepts.
You could liken the change to that of trying out a new club. Yes, your favorite club could have fantastic music and excellent drinks, but that does not mean that there aren’t other clubs out there that you can explore. And as long as you are undertaking this journey together, there is no reason why your partner should feel left out. In this way, you can work on some exciting sexual plays that will bring you closer than before.
Everybody wins
It could be that even after the above tips that your partner is still unsure of whether you should introduce sex toys in your relationship. You could offer to do something in return for their acceptance. It could range from trying out a different position to taking out the trash all the way to getting them a sex toy of their choice. In this way, you both get something out of the transaction, and you inch closer to introducing toys to your relationship.
Start small
There will be that urge to go all out and splurge on the biggest and most popular sex toys on the market. However, do not give in to this appeal as it will stand in the way of your exploration journey. When it comes to sex toys, you want to start with small and uncomplicated designs. In this way, you get to see what your partner reacts to and this helps you in making subsequent buys. You also do not want to end up intimidating your partner by showing up with an enormous dildo from the word go. Over time, you can move on to other designs, once you get the hang of how things work.
No Surprises
You may think that because your partner is willing to try out a toy that it is okay to bring it out during foreplay without warning. Such surprises can go wrong really fast, thus putting an end to your love-making. As such, be sure to inform your partner that you intend on bringing a toy to the bedroom and from that point, you can take over the reins as to what point you will make the introduction.
Have fun
Bringing sex toys to the bedroom can be very stressful at first as you want the experience to be exciting. However, do not put much pressure on yourself as this can end up taking the fun out of the situation and thus resulting in both of you not enjoying the session. Keep it light as you find ways in which you can please each other. You will not get it perfectly right and figure out your erogenous zones at the first try. It takes time, and you have a whole lot of experimentation sessions awaiting you in future.
Your partner may not be willing to bring in sex toys at the moment. This stand does not necessarily mean that they will not give in at some point in the future. Do not push them to give in. Instead, offer them adequate information as to the benefits of sex toys and allow them time to come to a decision. Pressuring them will only work in pushing them away.