Which Vibrator Is The Best For Female?

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Written by Julia

The vibrator is one of the very best things you could spend your hard earned money on today. When it comes to vibrators it is super important to choose the right one, as we all know what you do with them. So coming from a reputable source is of great importance, as well as doing the things you want from it.

List of Top-Rated Vibrators for Pleasure

Product PhotoProduct NameTypeNoiseMaterialMore Info
Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator  – Best Vibrator for the Shower1. Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator – Best Vibrator for the ShowerClitoral and Vaginal StimulationPerfectly DiscreetWaterproof, Firm, Body-safe JellyMore Information
Butterfly Kiss Vibrator- Best Vibrator for a Low Budget2. Butterfly Kiss Vibrator- Best Vibrator for a Low BudgetClitoral and Vaginal stimulationStrong HumBody-safe TPRMore Information
Romance Vibrator  – Best Vibrator for Durability3. Romance Vibrator – Best Vibrator for DurabilityExternal Stimulation of the Clitoris and Internal Stimulation of the G-spotWhisperWaterproof, Firm SiliconeMore Information
Pink Inspire Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Attachments4. Pink Inspire Vibrator – Best Vibrator for AttachmentsWand VibratorHumFirm, Incredibly Silky SiliconeMore Information
Jack Rabbit Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Multi Speed5. Jack Rabbit Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Multi SpeedDual Stimulation, Intense Clitoral StimulationStrong HumSoft JellyMore Information
The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator for Her – Best Vibrator for Oral Sex6. The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator for Her – Best Vibrator for Oral SexClitoral PleasureVery Quiet and DiscreetPlastic, SiliconeMore Information
Nova by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Dual Stimulation7. Nova by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Dual StimulationDual (G-spot and Clitoral Pleasure)Whisper QuietWaterproof, Body-safe SiliconeMore Information
Jive by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Pairing with Your Smartphone8. Jive by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Pairing with Your SmartphoneG-Spot PleasureWhisper QuietWaterproof, Silky Smooth Body-safe SiliconeMore Information
Getaway Plus – Best Vibrator for G-Spot Stimulation9. Getaway Plus – Best Vibrator for G-Spot StimulationG-Spot PleasureQuietWaterproof, Medical Grade SiliconeMore Information
Getaway Wild – Best Vibrator for Soft Sensations10. Getaway Wild – Best Vibrator for Soft SensationsG-Spot PleasureQuietWaterproof, Medical SiliconeMore Information

They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and they all have their own unique trick that makes you want to buy it. Obviously, hygiene should be of the most important and is something that needs to be thought about when purchasing a vibrator. The different speeds give different sensations and feelings so that everyone can be happy.

The Best Vibrators Of Current Year – Reviews & Opinion

1. Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator – Best Vibrator for the Shower

It is made from jelly with an insertable part of up to five inches, it is firm and a great color that is bright and pink. It has a firm core and the length is textured and the vibrating stimulation is on the clitoral area which is amazing.

Budget Benefits

The vibrating rabbit gave me an intense and pleasurable feeling. It combines clitoral vibration stimulation with internal pleasure and movement, with some g-spot tapping just for good measure. The pleasure is one that I enjoyed and keep going back for more, this vibrator can give orgasms very quickly as it works in so many different ways.

Design and Materials

There is some serious high-quality workmanship and the product is waterproof, the vibrator has a soft purr when working but is discreet so I can enjoy my time with it. The waterproof rabbit has a detailed head and ridges along the length which all add to the enjoyment, I enjoyed playing with the clitoral stimulation before getting into the rotating shaft. This rabbit take small 3AA batteries and there are several lubricants that can be used and when it comes to cleaning I like to use soap and water, it worked very well for me.


Things I love the most about are the size, the sound is very discreet, just in case, the batteries last a good amount of time, the color works for me, the clitoral stimulation, the pearls, the ridges and bumps on the head, the fact that it works as well in the bath or shower as it does on dry land, the external works for me better than the internal, the orgasms are wild.

2. Butterfly Kiss Vibrator- Best Vibrator for a Low Budget

I love this vibrator as it is easy on my pocket as well as being very generous with pleasure. I have used this butterfly kiss for the last month and have been very impressed, it has a great feeling and hits the spot always. It hits the g-spot and the clitoris every time for maximum effect, I love the fact that there are three vibrations and it is not loud.

Design and Materials

It takes 2AAA batteries and can easily be wiped clean with soap or an actual sex toy cleaner. I use soap and it works well, I love the fact that it is made from jelly it is nice and firm but soft enough to give a smooth pleasure.


The main facts about the Butterfly Kiss Vibrator you should know: great dual stimulation, G-spot and clitoral stimulation, different speed for maximum pleasure, G-spot massage, it is smooth and has a great head which really hits the spot, excellent value, it will not break the bank.

Overall I have to say that this is a great piece of kit, it hits the right spots every time and is small and compact. I love to use it and it is always reliable, unlike some men I have known over the years.

3. Romance Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Durability

I have been using this premium silicone massager for some time and enjoy every minute of my time with it. I have been separated from my husband for one year and this has helped me get over him. It is quiet and has seven different levels of vibration, it pulsates and rumbles and pulsates to give me the ultimate orgasm. I get great pleasure by using this vibrator internally or externally they both work well, and as it is waterproof I have so much fun in the shower or tub.

Design and Materials

I love the fact that it is flexible and smooth and the color is not bad either, it can bend as well, which gives another dimension of fun to proceedings. It hits my G-spot and clit, it is very reliable and I would not exchange it for anything else. The batteries are 2AA and this vibrator is strong and resilient, I really love the ridges along the length which adds to the fun.


It features a curve for the G-spot stimulation, seven different vibration functions, it’s waterproof for bathroom fun, it’s made from firm silicone, it has fantastic ridges but is still smooth in parts, it’s a traditional vibrator that does extraordinary things. I love this vibrator and it will always have a special place in my heart.

4. Pink Inspire Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Attachments

I love this vibrator as it is powerful and versatile, it even comes with two attachments for me to use when I am in different moods. I have been ranting and raving about this vibrator for some time now because I really can not get enough of this thing. It is my favorite color pink which puts in my good books straight away and it makes me smile every time which is the most important. It has multiple speeds which I love to play with and it really is a strong little thing, I have used many vibrators through my life, but this one is one of a kind.

Budget Benefits

I can plug this into my mains socket with its power adapter so I do not need to worry about batteries. When I feel like some threesome fun I attach the triple tease attachment and get clitoral, g-spot and perineum stimulation, that what I call a home run.


It’s electric, no batteries needed, it’s is silky and smooth silicone, it has various speeds for ultimate happiness. You will get all types of pleasure from clitoral to deep g-spot vibrations. The attachments are 1 rabbit clitoral stimulator and 1 insertable g-spot stimulator. It is a wand vibrator and really has magic powers

I can’t say enough good things about this vibrator, I like deep strong vibrations and this gives it to me big time. The attachments add another dimension to things and I can easily clean it as the material is good quality. I am pretty sure others can benefit from such a good piece of workmanship.

5. Jack Rabbit Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Multi Speed

I have had my Jack rabbit for two months now and I love it, it gives me what I want and hits the right notes every time. The rabbit ears hit the clitoris and stimulate me and I love the multi-speed for when I am in different moods. There is even a remote which can be used, me and my boyfriend get to have some serious fun with that. There are some pearls which vibrate and expand in the shaft which I really like and the color works for me too. I bought my jack the rabbit after watching an episode of sex and the city and have not looked back since. It uses three c batteries and stimulates clit and vagina at the same time, it has been great to me.


The wires can get in the way at times but overall it does what I want, I would recommend to anyone who is after some fun when the lights go down or when the lights are up, whatever floats your boat. It is easy to clean which is important to me and looks good which is always a bonus.

6. The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator for Her – Best Vibrator for Oral Sex

The Sqweel became my favorite sex toy. I like sex toys and I tried different types of vibrators but The Sqweel beats all of them. First of all, I like the look of it. It doesn’t look like all those long, thick and colorful vibrators. This thing looks absolutely unique and when you understand what it is you want to try it as soon as possible.

Design and Materials

The toy has got pink silicone tongues that are moving in three different speeds and guarantees a strong clitoral orgasm. Together with some lube, it delivers great sensations. As I mentioned the toy has got three speeds which are slow, revved up lick and hyper-speed flick. All of these really treat me well and get the juices flowing, if your like me and enjoy oral sex you will enjoy this pink tongue going down on you. A little tip: you can use it on your nipples as well.

7. Nova by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Dual Stimulation

Nova will become your little secret, however, you can share it with your loved one since this cute sex toy can be operated via your mobile phone or your partner’s phone. The toy combines the stimulation of G-spot and clitoral vibration. The part that is meant for clitoral pleasure is flexible so it is easy to adjust to your body and doesn’t move which you can’t get with other vibrators.

Design and Materials

I like its simple and sleek design as well as the waterproof feature. You can take it to shower or bath and enjoy your private time with Nova there. It’s really easy to use this toy, it has got 5 buttons, one to turn on the toy, two arrows for choosing the mode (dual, clitoral or G-spot stimulation) + and – for desired intensity.


The best thing about Nova is that I don’t have to worry about batteries. It simply doesn’t need them. It’s rechargeable and comes with USB wire. Charge it once for 2 hours and I am guaranteed up to 2 hours of non-stop pleasure and fun. It offers an advanced feature which allows you to connect with your smartphone and use many more modes.

I was interested in trying the feature, so I got the app from Google Play and tested it. It worked out perfectly, you don’t even have to touch the panel on the toy, all options are available on the screen of your phone. I think Nova is a great purchase to play alone or with your partner who is not with you, to spice up your relationship.

8. Jive by We-Vibe – Best Vibrator for Pairing with Your Smartphone

What can be better than having a wearable vibrator? I had a few vibrators in my time and what I love about this is, that you do not need to hold it. When I saw Jive I wanted to buy it as soon as possible, its small, and is a great looking, it has an attractive design and you can control it via your phone. Bingo! This toy allows me to enjoy 10 different modes and change them without touching the toy.

Budget Benefits

I got the app for my Android and since then I have not touched the toy apart from putting it on. My husband enjoys having control over the toy and playing with it and me when he wants. I also take it with me when I go away, thanks to its useful size I can hide it away in my bag and the airport security are oblivious to it. The fact that I can use it in the bath or shower on the days I really feel like a friend is a great bonus.

9. Getaway Plus – Best Vibrator for G-Spot Stimulation

Getaway Plus was my last purchase and I don’t think I can find a better vibrator. It has a really great design like an expensive piece of jewelry. It reaches the G-spot and delivers great sensations. Every time I use the Gateway I get an unforgettable feeling, it hits me where I need it too.

Design and Materials

Unlike simple vibrators, this one has a perfect curvy shape, so whatever position I want it can reach the spot. No batteries are needed which I love, simply recharge it with USB wire. There are five different vibration modes to choose from and each one gives me the right amount of fun I want. A comfortable handle allows you to insert and pull the toy easily.


I am sure all women will like this toy as I do, first of all, because of its design. I have never seen anything so elegant and beautiful and convenient. It makes me smile every time I am alone with it, what more can you ask for.

10. Getaway Wild – Best Vibrator for Soft Sensations

I got Getaway Wild for my birthday and was absolutely shocked at how good it was, I always thought that sex toys were for people who don’t know what they are doing. When I unwrapped the pack I saw a beautiful purple vibrator that didn’t look like some huge, scary vibrator I had seen in magazines before.

Design and Materials

This one had a brilliant design, it was sleek and felt like velvet in my hand. The first time I tried Gateway Wild I was more than happy, with what I got. Getaway Wild delivered me more pleasure than I have ever got before from the real thing. It is all because the amount of control I have over it, I can choose the speed, the movement and it reaches them areas we all want reaching.

I like to use it in the bath since I can relax more and receive a stronger orgasm, it’s waterproof and made of medical silicone. I have been using it for the last six months, maybe four times a week and I have never felt better. Once I have exhausted it, I just need to change two batteries and my good-looking friend is ready to please me again.


As you can see the vibrator has now moved forward and no longer has a stigma attached to it. Women can enjoy all the great benefits of these incredible toys and get ultimate pleasure in a safe way. With the latest technology, more couples are now using vibrators, as there are many on the market that can be operated by smartphones. This allows a couple no matter what distance they are from each other to still be able to have some fun together.

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