What Are The Best Prostate Vibrators for a Unique Experience?

best prostate vibrators
Written by Julia

Have you been dreaming of experiencing a prostate orgasm? It does not mean you are gay, There are a lot of sex toys that deliver amazing sensations and these do just that.

Guys who want to find their G-spot get scared when seeing prostate vibrators, they may look too big and wide but they are created to perfectly match your anatomy and make you experience strong orgasms.

Prostate Vibrators List

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
Colt Waterproof Power-T – Best Prostate Vibrator for Strong Vibrations1. Colt Waterproof Power-T – Best Prostate Vibrator for Strong VibrationsBuy it Now!
2. Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager - Best Prostate Vibrator for Soft Insertion2. Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager - Best Prostate Vibrator for Soft InsertionBuy it Now!
3. The Sensuelle Prostate Massager – Best Prostate Vibrator for Stroking your P-spot3. The Sensuelle Prostate Massager – Best Prostate Vibrator for Stroking your P-spotBuy it Now!
4. Aneros Prostate Stimulator - Best Prostate Vibrator for Intensity4. Aneros Prostate Stimulator - Best Prostate Vibrator for IntensityBuy it Now!
5. Lust L12 Prostate Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Dual Pleasure5. Lust L12 Prostate Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Dual PleasureBuy it Now!
6. Gyrating P- Stim Vibe - Best Prostate Vibrator for Couples6. Gyrating P- Stim Vibe - Best Prostate Vibrator for CouplesBuy it Now!
7. Wireless Pinpoint Probe – Best Prostate Vibrator for G-spot7. Wireless Pinpoint Probe – Best Prostate Vibrator for G-spotBuy it Now!
8. Pluggy RC - Best Prostate Vibrator for Sitting On8. Pluggy RC - Best Prostate Vibrator for Sitting OnBuy it Now!
9. Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug – Best Prostate Vibrator for Newbies9. Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug – Best Prostate Vibrator for NewbiesBuy it Now!
10. Vibrating Butt Plug - Best Prostate Vibrator for Price10. Vibrating Butt Plug - Best Prostate Vibrator for PriceBuy it Now!

There are hundreds of different Prostate Massagers on the market. Unlike female sex toys, anal sex plugs and prostate massager vibrators are mostly black and don’t have any flashy designs.

Which is probably better for men, who just like simple things. Here is a review of the 10 Best Prostate Vibrators, read the reviews and find the vibrator that matches your requirements and needs.

Prostate Vibrator Reviews

1. Colt Waterproof Power-T – Best Prostate Vibrator for Strong Vibrations

Colt Waterproof Power-T is a great massager that works with excellent power and doesn’t create much noise. I liked its design from the first sight, it’s simple, black, and doesn’t have any accessories. Only a vibrator and remote control.

Design and Materials

The vibrator is designed in the shape of a T which allows you to control the depth of insertion. Its made of black silicone which feels like rubber. The material is pleasant and feels even better when I’m using the lube. It’s also waterproof which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a special time with this vibrator in a shower or bath. The sleek shape makes it easy to wash and keeps the water off batteries.

Functions and Modes

Colt Waterproof Power-T prostate vibrator delivers four quite powerful vibrations that I can easily change on the remote control. I think it is a great idea to make a vibrator with a remote control as the buttons on the vibrator itself are not so easy to use. Once the vibrator is dead, it requires 2 AA batteries.


I can certainly recommend Colt Waterproof Power-T prostate massager if you are looking for a nice and safe tool to experience p-spot orgasm. The toy is 100% safe I’ve been using it for the last month and I haven’t experienced any issues or skin problems. However, I would recommend using this vibrator with a bit of lube as it changes the whole experience.

2. Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager – Best Prostate Vibrator for Soft Insertion

I bought my first prostate massager three days ago and I am so surprised at how good it feels, I can insert it inside and it gives a great feel from the outside. I was surprised at how quiet it was and how small, the way it is shaped is perfect as it fits so well in that area.

Functions and Modes

It is L shaped and gives very strong vibrations, you can use up to six different vibration settings. I really like the silicone it is made from as it is so smooth and soft, just what you want when you’re putting it in that area of your body. Another reason I decided to get this sex toy was that it was battery-free, I did not want to mess about with batteries every so often. With this massager, I can use any USB charger for unlimited use which is nice and convenient for me.


This thing certainly takes it to another level, the orgasms are strong especially when using the vibrations. The girth is great and when you put it inside the massager hits the spot and it is a wild feeling. I am super happy I decided to buy this massager and as it is so small it is very easy to take away or hide out of sight. I use soap and water for cleaning and have no problems with smell. Overall a fantastic toy that will keep me interested in prostate massagers in the future.

3. The Sensuelle Prostate Massager – Best Prostate Vibrator for Stroking your P-spot

This is a great vibrator that doesn’t look like any other. I absolutely love it because it doesn’t only provide nice vibrating modes, but it pets and strokes your p-spot. Another advantage of this prostate massager that I can’t forget to mention, is the fact that you can recharge it via USB plug and forget about buying new batteries.

Design and Materials

I’ve reviewed about 20 different prostate vibrators but none had such an attractive design like Sensuelle. It’s curved and has a nice ball-shaped head with tiny fingers that deliver really pleasurable sensations. If you are looking for a sex toy that will deliver you the sensations that you’ve never experience before, this is the best sex toy in my opinion.

Functions and Modes

Sensuelle Prostate Massager has got two buttons: one controls the head of the vibrator and offers three different stroking speeds, the other button controls the vibrations of the whole toy. I love to use two buttons at the same time since it brings the most intense sensations.


So far, this is my most favorite anal massager and it looks so pretty. But most importantly it takes me as high as the sky. It has a convenient handle, it’s easy to wash the vibrator (I would recommend anti-bacterial soap) and it lasts long until you need to charge it again. The toy comes with a storage pouch, AC adapter, and USB plug which is what you need for looking after your new Sensuelle.

4. Aneros Prostate Stimulator – Best Prostate Vibrator for Intensity

My friend told me about a new sex toy he was using, by what he said, I had to try for myself. So that is how I and the Aneros came to meet, and we have been very close ever since. What a toy this is, I can use it hands-free and it gives me the most intense feeling I have ever had. It stimulates the prostate and once it is inside the anus, my oh my! what an orgasm, I have never felt such an orgasm before. It is such a nice shape, it can be a little fiddly at first but once you get it in that sweet spot it adds to any feeling you have had before.

Design and Materials

This thing actually electrifies the sensitive area and circulates around the prostate for maximum pleasure, the anal area has more sensitive nerves than anywhere else on the body, so you can only imagine what this toy can do for you. I often use it with my partner, he loves it and we can have some fantastic nights with it. I like the fact that there are no wires or anything to charge, it is one unit and you can bend and use it easily without any problems.


It fits exactly where you need it and when it gets into place just make sure you’re ready for an intense sensation. Overall a fantastic piece of art and that works wonders, it is small and you do not need to worry about any noise from it, only from yourself or partner screaming in ecstasy.

5. Lust L12 Prostate Vibrator – Best Vibrator for Dual Pleasure

This vibrator is an amazing finding that delivers two great pleasures at the same time for prostate and perineum. This massager gives a vibration all over, so it doesn’t matter what position you are in, you will constantly feel pleasant vibrations inside your body. This vibrator is designed in a way to reach the most sensitive parts of the man’s body, so I’m sure you will like it as much as I do.

Design and Materials

Luckily, the manufacturer created this vibrator as a hand-free sex toy. It has got a silky-soft coating but the vibrator itself is quite rigid which helps it to stay in place. The material feels nice and you might not need to use any lube. Lust L12 Prostate Vibrator is waterproof and it’s really easy to wash it with a soap. It also dries very quickly after washing and doesn’t require any additional care.

Functions and Modes

Lust L12 surprised me with soft yet intense vibrations. There are two motors: one stimulates your internally and another one externally. There are various speeds and five modes of pulsation and escalation that feel absolutely fantastic. All the modes can be switched and changed on the panel with push buttons.


In my opinion, there can be no better sex toy for men who want to experience pleasant sensations. I think this is a great toy for straight and gay men. It uncovers new sensations that you may have never experience during sex. It’s rechargeable and lasts from 40 minutes up to two hours depending on the functions you use.

6. Gyrating P- Stim Vibe – Best Prostate Vibrator for Couples

My girlfriend decided to buy me a great birthday present this year and it was this excellent sex toy. We had experimented before with some anal play with prostate massage but when we used this vibe, it was unbelievable.

Design and Materials

What a great sex toy, it is so comfortable to use it is soft and smooth made from silicone and so flexible it can reach everywhere. It has two vibration speeds so you just need to decide which is right for you and you can use it in the bath, as it is waterproof. It takes three AAA batteries and they last a while so we were happy with that.

Functions and Modes

The top of the vibe has some nice ridges that bring even more intense sensations, my wife has even used it for vaginal play, but it is definitely better used for prostate stimulation. The vibe only makes a slight hum so there is only very low-level noise when using it, as it is so small you can take it wherever you want with no problem.


We use a sex toy cleaner to clean the vibe but I am sure soap and water will do the trick too. As the vibe is so pliable it is fantastic for use, there are no areas out of bounds and the orgasms it gives are out of this world, me and my girlfriend both use it, and could not be happier with our new little friend.

7. Wireless Pinpoint Probe – Best Prostate Vibrator for G-spot

I had no idea where my G-spot was until I tried Wireless Pinpoint Probe prostate vibrator. It may sound strange that men may like vibrators, but it is not only girls that should have all the fun. Once a man finds the right sex toy he will love it. Wireless Pinpoint Probe is a fantastic vibrator for men with a great choice of vibrating modes that deliver mind-blowing sensations. The vibrator can be charged via any USB port which makes this purchase even better.

Design and Materials

Wireless Pinpoint Probe is a great size, nice and long with a nice vibrating head on the end which perfectly reached my P-spot, which is also called the G-spot. The head rotates in three different speeds which allows you to choose the most comfortable one for yourself. In addition to a rolling ball feature, Wireless Pinpoint Probe offers 12 different vibrating and pulsating modes. The clever design of the toy allows it to be used in the shower, bath or a swimming pool.


Wireless Pinpoint Probe prostate sex toy is the best choice if you are looking for new sensations and strong orgasms. For such a low price, this vibrator works excellently even in water. You just have to remember to charge it. I think it has a perfect length, not too short but not too long. So I think the toy will suit most men who want to experience internal pleasure.

8. Pluggy RC – Best Prostate Vibrator for Sitting On

I have been using my new Pluggy RC for a few months now and it has breathed new life into me, it has rotating beads that feel divine when inside and the sensations are brilliant. The tip of the RC is contoured so it adds another dimension to the feeling, the base is so secure I can just sit hands-free and gyrate, moving the way that feels good to me.

Design and Materials

The remote control which comes with it is very useful and a great addition, it gives off five vibration modes and five rotating functions. The RC is made from soft smooth FDA grade silicone and is seamless. I love how quiet it is, there is almost no noise at all. It is great that it comes in such a wonderfully cute little box, I can take it away with me with ease. It has a USB charger so there are no batteries to worry about and it can be used in water up to one meter.


The first time I used it I was surprised at how easy it was to insert and to use, the base of it is fantastic for gyrating with no fear of falling off. Overall this sex toy is very good, it has amazing beads that rotate and adds to the already first-class sensations. The orgasms are never going to get any better, trust me.

9. Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug – Best Prostate Vibrator for Newbies

Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug is a simple-looking sex toy for men with very strong vibrations. I chose this vibrator because it’s fairly small, black, and made of an extremely soft material. I read reviews and it seems like Pornhub sex toys are high-quality and 100% safe for the body, this is why I decided to try this model.

Functions and Modes

Turbo Vibrating Butt Plug prostate vibrator offers 6 strong vibrating modes from slow to very quick naughty ones, which feel really nice. I guess this sex toy will become really interesting for straight men. The description says that intense vibrations reach the nerves which create stronger sensations and I can confirm this. At first I felt tense as I didn’t know what to expect, but as I relaxed I appreciated this toy a lot.


I definitely like this product and would recommend it to men who want to try a prostate vibrator but have some concerns. This is a totally safe and nicely designed anal plug that doesn’t cause any pain or uncomfortable sensations. I especially enjoy using it in the bath.

10. Vibrating Butt Plug – Best Prostate Vibrator for Price

I wanted to try a butt plug for some time and I finally decided to go for it last month, and I am so glad I did. This thing feels great, it has taken my great orgasms to an amazing orgasm. It is so small and discreet and it was not as scary as I thought it would be. I was always scared that it could do me damage or it was not very safe but I was completely wrong.

Functions and Modes

This thing has seven intense speeds that really fire me up, it has a smooth tapered tip and a comfortable base that is easy to use. It is essentially two sex toys in one as there is a small bullet vibrator that goes inside the butt plug and gives off all the different vibrations. So you can take the bullet vibrator out if you just want some butt plug fun or add for the various vibrations, the choice is yours. It takes one AAA battery and it is made from smooth silicone, I like to use water-based anal lube for the most comfortable gratification possible, it is super easy to pull out and use and the vibrations really add to the experience with fantastic sensations that I want more and more.


It is a very good sex toy that is so simple, yet so very effective. It is small so you can go absolutely anywhere with it and very quiet and discreet, a real winner.


As you can see there are so many different prostate vibrators that can help you experience the famous G-spot. When you find your G-spot, P-spot or super-O with the help of a safe vibrator, you will never want to lose your toy. There are so many famous sex toy brands that offer amazing hands-free vibrators, anal-plugs, and massagers for prostate and perineum. A professional and safe sex toy that is created in the highest quality can bring you much more pleasure than you could ever imagine.

Choosing the best prostate vibrator can be difficult especially if this is your first time. This is why we have collected reviews of the 10 most popular prostate and perineum massagers, for you to choose from. These toys can bring more pleasure to your sex life, you can even allow your partner to join and if she or he does, then a nice prostate vibrator will become a kinky toy for the both of you.

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