2018’s List of the Top-Rated Masturbation Toys for Men!

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Written by Julia

Take a look at those 10 awesome men favorite bedroom attributes, find out what functions the offer, compare prices, and choose one to have fun! The masturbation toys are listed from the cheapest and least functional to the most popular and intelligent.

PhotoProduct nameProsMore information
1. Doc Johnson Noches Latinas UltraSKYN Stroker1. Doc Johnson Noches Latinas UltraSKYN StrokerLow price, portableRead More
2. Doc Johnson Sasha Grey – ULTRASKYN2. Doc Johnson Sasha Grey – ULTRASKYNSmooth, durable, portableRead More
3. Doc Johnson Lexi Belle Ur3 Pocket P*ssy Masturbator3. Doc Johnson Lexi Belle Ur3 Pocket P*ssy MasturbatorFeels like a real thing, allows to cum insideRead More
4. Male Masturbator, Tracy's Dog Realistic Mouth Blow Job Stroker4. Male Masturbator, Tracy's Dog Realistic Mouth Blow Job StrokerRealistic pleasant sensations, can be used for oral or vaginal sexRead More
5. LEADO 3D Realistic Oral Blow Job and Vagina Stroker5. LEADO 3D Realistic Oral Blow Job and Vagina StrokerAttractive look, super-soft material, portableRead More
6. Tenga 3d Sleeve - Polygon for Male Masturbation6. Tenga 3d Sleeve - Polygon for Male MasturbationGreat gift, pleasant penis massagerRead More
7. Topco Cyberskin Stealth Double Stroker7. Topco Cyberskin Stealth Double StrokerNice textured material, two topsRead More
8. SHEQU Virgin Pussy Ass Doll 3D Realistic Silicone Masturbator8. SHEQU Virgin Pussy Ass Doll 3D Realistic Silicone MasturbatorOutstanding design, great feelRead More
9. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Travel Friendly Masturbator for Men9. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Travel Friendly Masturbator for MenThe feel of a real pleasant intercourseRead More
10. Tenga Flip Hole10. Tenga Flip HoleNice sleek design, perfect for travelingRead More
Would you like to experience different sensations? Nowadays, you can get satisfied without your partner needed. Fancy sex toys for men are really wonderful. They will make you feel amazing without cheating on someone you love.

I found 10 great and low-cost masturbators for men that should be used manually. Review them and consider purchasing one if you have always been dreaming of having a sex toy. Maybe you will enjoy using it in front of your partner or do it privately to have an intimate experience on your own. Enliven your sex life with modern attributes for pleasant sensations.

Review and comparison of 10 best masturbation toys for men of 2018


1. Doc Johnson Noches Latinas UltraSKYN Stroker

Buy this low-cost masturbator that looks and feels like a real woman. A high-quality material allows you to have nice sensations when penetrating it. It is made if silica gel and has no negative effect on the skin. The great look that reminds of a woman’s ass will attract you and make you want to explore it.

Stand out features:

  • Made of high-quality material
  • Real feel
  • Easy to wash
Low price, portable.Does not allow deep penetration, can feel too tight.

2. Doc Johnson Sasha Grey – ULTRASKYN

This product does not only look yummy but has quite a history. It is molded directly from the pussy of one of the top adult film actresses Sasha Grey. If you know her and fancy her, this sex toy will be a wonderful purchase, However, you can imagine whoever you like when using the masturbator. One of the cheapest male masturbation toys is made of super-soft and pleasant material. It creates realistic sensations and satisfies your desires. The material is toxic-free and can be washed with warm water.

Stand out features:

  • Realistic sensations
  • Safe and super-soft material
  • Easy to wash
Smooth, durable, portable.No.

3. Doc Johnson Lexi Belle Ur3 Pocket P*ssy Masturbator

This is one of the most attractive masturbation toys for men. You will definitely like its look and feel. The toy is made of an ultra-realistic material, which does not put you off like some cheap toys that are made of rubber. It has got ribbed internal cavities for stimulating you and delivering you more sensations. It designed as a vagina with two fingers that reminds of a girl playing with herself while you penetrate it. Do not forget to use enough lube for sensitive and soft feelings.

Stand out features:

  • Unique design
  • Realistic sensations
  • Ribbed internal cavities
Feels like a real thing, allows to cum inside.May feel too tight at the beginning.

4. Male Masturbator, Tracy’s Dog Realistic Mouth Blow Job Stroker

This toy is really smart and has already become a favorite sex toy for a lot of guys all over the planet. The toy is designed as a woman’s mouth and provides the sensation of receiving a blow job. It is made if TPE material and feels like a real skin. The toy has lips, teeth, tongue, throat and feels like vagina if you penetrate it deeper. While using the toy, you will feel the sensations of licking which delivers maximum pleasure. The material is super stretchy and allows you to use it no matter your penis diameter. Use lube for easier penetration and realistic sensations. This is the most impressive and best male masturbation toy that offers the feeling or real oral sex.

Stand out features:

  • Unique 3D design
  • Many details make you believe that you receive a real blow job
  • Soft and stretchy material
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to wash
Realistic pleasant sensations, can be used for oral or vaginal sex.No.

5. LEADO 3D Realistic Oral Blow Job and Vagina Stroker

A great sex toy for guys is two-in-one. From one end, it is designed as woman’s mouth and from the other as a vagina. Therefore, you can have oral and vaginal sex and enjoy the sensations. 3D design makes it look very realistic. It feels like real skin and provides amazing feelings when inserting your big friend inside. It is easy and safe to clean the toy before and after you use it with warm water. Have 2 kind of sexual experience, mix them, or choose the one that you feel like having tonight. For better sensation, it is recommended to warm the toy up just leaving it under warm water for a couple of minutes. When the toy matches your body temperature, you will have a nicer experience. Use lube or condoms to ensure delicate insertion.

Stand out features:

  • 2 in 1 sex toy
  • Oral and vaginal sex
  • 3D design
  • Soft like skin material
  • Portable
  • 2 transparent silicone rings inside makes the toy tighter
Attractive look, super-soft material, portable.No.

6. Tenga 3d Sleeve – Polygon for Male Masturbation

An amazing and stylish looking masturbator for men is a great finding for those guys who want to have fun without inviting a woman. The toy is reusable, easy to clean, and will fit in any room interior. The masturbator is made of realistically sort and stretchy thermoplastic elastomer that delivers nice sensations. A high-quality toy does not irritate skin and is 100% safe for health. POLYGON model has got randomly constructed triangles for firm constriction and accentuated stimulus. The toy comes with water-based lubricant. You can find 4 other models of different structures for various sensations from the same manufacturer.

Stand out features:

  • 3D design
  • Stylish look
  • High-quality material
Great gift, pleasant penis massager.No.

7. Topco Cyberskin Stealth Double Stroker

This product certainly joins the top male masturbation toys list because it is designed as a tunnel which brings explosive sensations. It has got two tops – a woman’s mouth with lips and vagina. So, you can remove the top and place another for having two sex experiences. This masturbator made of a superelastic and delicate material that reminds the feel of skin. It is recommended to use a water-based lubricant for receiving more enjoyable and softer experience. Remove the top and wash it with water after every use.

Stand out features:

  • Textured inner tunnel for maximum pleasure
  • The toy allows to cum inside
  • Easy to wash
  • Two tops for oral or vaginal masturbation
Nice textured material, two tops.No.

8. SHEQU Virgin Pussy Ass Doll 3D Realistic Silicone Masturbator

This wonderful product is the most purchased masturbation toys for boys because it has got an amazing look. The toy does look like when a woman opens her legs in front of you. 3D design makes this product looks just perfect. You will be able to enjoy its realistic look, experience vaginal and ass sex. The masturbator is made of 100% medical silicone which is non-toxic and odorless. It is also stretchy that will make the experience comfortable for any penis diameter. The toy allows you to use water or silicone based lubricant.

Stand out features:

  • 3D design makes the toy looks very realistic
  • Dues entries
  • Healthy material – medical silicone
  • Stretchy
  • Odorless
Outstanding design, great feel, stretchy for any penis size.No.

9. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Travel Friendly Masturbator for Men

This portable sex toy is one of the top-rated penis masturbation toys that can be used at home and during trips. Its small size allows you to take it in your travel bag and have fun (without cheating on your girlfriend or wife). The toy is made of Real-Feel Super Skin material which is considered as softest and pleasant to human skin. There were already 8 million of items sold around the world. So, this product definitely deserves a place in this chart. It replicates the natural suction of copulation and this is why so many guys love it.

Stand out features:

  • Great for travelling
  • Super soft and silky touch
  • Has got a lid
The feel of a real pleasant intercourse.No.

10. Tenga Flip Hole

This intelligent masturbator has a simple design without girl’s lips or vagina. The toy is the most expensive because it has got buttons control to change vacuum level for having a unique experience. You are in control of the toy and can sense what you wish. Its inner shape guarantees multiple sensations. There are various stimulation types and points inside that will make you feel amazing. Finally, the masturbator is made of soft elastomer that is 100% friendly for skin and health.

Stand out features:

  • The softest material for sensual experience
  • Special inner shapes and point for maximum stimulation
  • Easy to clean
Nice sleek design, perfect for traveling.No.

What do you think about those amazing accessories? They do not only look attractive but feel really nice. Have a new sex experience with a smart masturbator for men and enjoy it! Read customers’ feedbacks and find out how they like using masturbators.

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