Best Male Sex Toys: A 2018’s Report For Your Convenience!

Top Rated Sex Toys For Men
Written by Julia

Sex toys keep getting better by the day, with more versions coming into the scene. Owing to the multitude of options at present, it can get pretty hard to find a toy that works best for you or even one that fulfills what the manufacturer advertises.

Top-Rated Male Sex Toys List in 2018:

ImageProduct NameFeaturesProsMore Information
2. Ten vibration modes
3. Hypoallergenic
4. Vibrating ticklers

  • Simple to clean

  • Enhances erections

  • Specifics

  • Length- 3.25 inches

  • Diameter – 1.75 inches

More Info
2. HEAD HONCHO2. HEAD HONCHO1. Ribbed walls
2. Three suction chambers
3. Stretchy sleeve
4. Open-ended

  • Easy to clean

  • Tight

  • Easy grip

  • Specifics

  • Jelly material

  • Length- 5 inches

  • Diameter- 2 inches

More Info
2. Silicone surface
3. Pull ring
4. Ten functions

  • Easy insertion and removal

  • Intense climaxes

  • Specifics

  • Length- 5 inches

  • Diameter- 1.25 inches

  • Insertable length- 4 inches

More Info
2. Ribbed chambers
3. Tight
4. Open-ended

  • Realistic

  • Easy to clean

  • Specifics

  • Length- 6 inches

  • Diameter- 2.75 inches

  • Jelly material

More Info
2. Compact

  • Discreet

  • Soft canals

  • Easy to clean

  • Durable

  • Specifics

  • Length- 9 inches

  • Diameter – 3.25 inches

  • Elastomer material

More Info
2. Ribbed tunnel
3. Open-ended
4. Translucent

  • Waterproof

  • Realistic design

  • Specifics

  • Length- 5 inches

  • Diameter 2.5 inches

  • Elastomer material

More Info
2. One size fits all

  • Increases width

  • Promotes blood flow

  • Turns your penis into a vibe

  • Specifics

  • Length- 5.5 inches

  • Elastomer material

More Info
8. THE GRIPPER8. THE GRIPPER1. Pure Skin technology
2. Ribbed interior
3. Open-ended

  • Strong grip

  • Easy to clean

  • Specifics

  • Length- 7 inches

  • Diameter- 3 inches

  • Jelly material

More Info
2. Powerful vibrations

  • Enhances sexual prowess

  • Translucent covering

  • Specifics

  • Length – 5 inches

  • Diameter- 2.75 inches

  • Silicone material

More Info
2. Multiple speeds
3. Open-ended

  • Lifelike

  • Easy grip

  • Easy to clean

  • Specifics

  • Length- 7.5 inches

  • Diameter- 4 inches

  • Elastomer material

More Info

There are many things that one ought to look out for in a sex toy to gauge its suitability. Such determinants include the size, the material used, its appropriateness for different levels of experience, aptness for partnered sex and how realistic the toy is among other factors.

These guidelines should direct you to the best option there is for you.

Here are the top ten options on the market at present which work for all types of sex toy users, regardless of their experience levels. Enjoy.

Best Male Sex Toys Reviews:


If you are looking for the best male sex toys under 100, this is the gadget for you. This amazing sex toy comes with a silicone surface to ensure that your experience is smooth and natural. With this material, you are looking at ease of cleaning after sessions as well as no allergic reactions, owing to its hypoallergenic capabilities. What’s more, it is soft, thus ensuring that you are not sore after use.

This male stroker comes with ten vibration modes. Thus it is appropriate for use by both beginners as well as advanced users. In this way, you can move from one speed to the other with ease as you figure out what movement works best for you.

You can control the vibrations using the remote. This ease of control makes it ideal for use in both solo and partnered sex where you can opt to make use of the gadget for masturbation or hot foreplay sessions.

To use this toy, you require a pair of AAA batteries, and you are set to have a great time. An advantage that comes with using this stroker is that your erections last longer and they are much stronger than what you would achieve on your own. As such, the orgasm that you elicit from using this toy will drive you over the edge in no time.


Start by inserting the batteries into the back cover then press the ‘on’ button to get the gadget working. Once you are ready, press the ’10 mode’ button such that the vibes produced cycle through various modes. Slip the silicone cup over the head of your penis and get to feel the vibes go straight to your erogenous zones.

Its high-quality and low price are an indication that pleasure does not have to be costly. Thus, it stands as one of the best male sex toys to tease the tip.


Masturbation can get pretty tiresome over time. With this sex toy, you are looking at a multitude of ways in which you can derive pleasure. It comes equipped with nubs and ribs to gently tease your penis to get you to the point of an incredible orgasm.

Its measurements are perfect for life-like sensations. You see, the five-inch length may seem too small, but once you get going, you will appreciate the dimension, and you will come to understand why other users are raving about this toy. It feels very soft, both in and out.

Thus you can enjoy the grip as you slip into it. The opening is quite tight such that you will feel the grip, even after applying lube, and this will help your erection last for long.

The soft bumps which are characteristic of the opening enable you to have a life-like sensation, and as you go deep, the ribs get to work on helping you get that big O. The feeling is a combination of both oral and vaginal sex and the experience will have you coming back for more.

You will no longer need to resort to taking matters into your own hands once you taste the pleasure that comes with this device.


All you need to do is apply some lube to your cock before slipping it into the tunnel. This sex toy works with water-based lubricants. Once you get done, all you need is warm water and antibacterial soap to clean the toy before airing it out.


For the best male sex toys, look no further than this fantastic massager. Many have been known to refer to it as the anal wonder, and it works for all sorts of sexual escapades. So worry not. Whether you are a novice or have been experimenting with sex toys for a while, this toy will surely get you there.

The P-spot has become an erogenous zone of interest in the past few years, and many people have come out with various sex toy versions. However, few seem to get users to the point of extreme pleasure, and this gadget stands out, based on its ability to tease and tickle and arouse till the user gets to get an explosive orgasm.

It comes in a silicone covering which offers a smooth experience during penetration, even for beginners. The remote control provides up to ten different ways in which you can play about with the settings as you explore your body’s preferences. The curved shaft comes in handy in reaching and massaging the P-spot such that you need not fumble in trying to locate it.

Another thing that you will appreciate about this sex toy is the long cord which allows you to take your play sessions to whichever limits you want, without the worry of getting entangled. The pull ring is also in place for safety purposes.


To use the toy, insert a pair of AAA batteries into the back cover and push the ‘on’ button. It works with water-based lubricants and is an excellent stimulator for both solo and partnered sex. Clean-up requires antibacterial soap and warm water.


When people talk of the best cheap male sex toys on the market, Devon is one of the names that come to mind with ease, and it is not for naught. Look at it this way. It’s not that easy to come across a woman who will let you have it both ways, and you may be in the mood to get a little adventurous.

If your partner is not ready to have you enjoy both holes or you are looking for some fun on the side, Devon is here for you.

This sex toy features two tight holes, allowing you to move from one sensation to the other. The vaginal hole comes detailed with lips that will hold onto your penis as you pump in and out of the vagina. It has a drop of six inches, and it features soft bumps such that you will feel as if you are penetrating a real woman.

You can get to play about with the anal hole which offers extreme tightness if you wish to enjoy some anal play while at it. As such, be sure to use a generous amount of lube as you enjoy this device that will have you feeling elated in no time.


Water-based lubricants work best with this device. Start by applying some lube on your penis before entering Devon. Once you finish, clean the toy with some warm water and antibacterial soap. The open ends ensure that the cleanup processes are fast.


If you have looked up the best rated male sex toys on the market, the chances are high that you have seen this fantastic device. Its users applaud it for its remarkable design which resembles a flashlight, thus enabling them to sneak the toy into many places including their offices without notice.

Another thing that they love about the fleshlight is that it resembles a vagina and feels like one. Thanks to the use of super skin, the inside of the fleshlight has the features of a woman’s vagina such as the ribs and the bumps. It is also warm to the touch, thus further increasing the sensations derived from its use.

Handsfree- why work at deriving pleasure when you could as well sit and let the toy do the work for you? You can place this toy in a multitude of places such as on pillows, mattresses, kitchen tables, or anywhere else you deem most comfortable for you.

If you wish to vary the suction experienced from its use, you can twist the endcap to a degree you feel is most comfortable for you. This toy is convenient owing to its compact features, allowing you even to take it on trips while you are away from your partner.


With a water-based lubricant at hand, you are set to go. The insert is open-ended, and you can take it out for cleaning purposes, and once it is ready for use, you can easily slip it back.


The best sex toys for men are those that appear and feel realistic, and this stroker meets all these requirements. What’s more, it comes in a translucent material that enables you to watch the action, thus hardening your erection and making your orgasm all the more breathtaking.

Blowjobs are undoubtedly a great way to ease all the built-up tension in your body. I mean, soft lips around your cock as you slowly pump in and out of your partner’s mouth will have you cumming like crazy in no time. It is no wonder therefore that oral sex has become quite a sensation over time.

However, there are times when you cannot get your partner to go down on you. Maybe they are away or tired or… the reasons are endless. It is at such times that this stroker comes in handy.

First off, it is convenient, and you can get off whenever you want and at any place. Secondly, it is compact, allowing you to carry it around as you go about your activities. It also comes with a generous length, which means you can deepthroat if you wish to. Whatever kind of oral sex gets you to cum, this stroker will meet your demand.

As you move through the chamber, you get to see your cock, and the soft inside coupled with the clear sight is a sure way to get you beaming as you feel yourself letting go and getting to the point of climax.


All you need is a water-based lubricant, and you can move in and out of the soft hole, getting to experience blowjobs like never before. Clean the toy using soap and some warm water after use and be sure to air it before your next session.


Partnered sex can get even better through the use of this penis enhancer. It instantly adds girth to your penis, thus making sex sessions a delight for both you and your partner.

It comes in a stretchy sleeve which trims to suit all sizes, so you need not worry about the fit. With increased blood flow for a long-lasting erection as well as tingling vibes to go along with the added girth, it is no wonder that this toy is one of the best male sex toys under 50 dollars on the market.

This vibe feels like more of a second skin as opposed to a sex toy and you will feel quite comfortable during use. The sleeve also desensitizes your penis such that it will take you longer to get to the point of ejaculation, thus adding to the time taken enjoying the ride. You have three-speed options available to you, and you will enjoy every minute of it, and so will your partner.


Before using this enhancer, cut the sleeve such that it matches the size of your penis head. Slip it on your erect penis and get to enjoy the tingling sensations on your shaft. You need not worry about a loss of excitement owing to the cut as the manufacturer has more than made up for the size adjustments by incorporating strong vibes.

Once you get done, wipe the enhancer with some water and antibacterial soap to ensure that it stays clean for use in other sessions.


As the name suggests, this sex toy does get a grip of your penis, enabling you to enjoy every moment that you are inside it. The outer surface is quite firm, but the inside feels as soft as a woman’s vagina. The interior is also warm, and you will soon forget that it’s a toy, owing to the realistic sensations that you are bound to experience.

On the outside, the gripper features pussy lips that come in a pretty pink hue, much like those that you would find on a woman. Not only do these lips look real but they also feel real to the touch, and they brush against your penis as you penetrate the vagina, making the experience all the more exciting.

The love tunnel is quite long, allowing you to shove your cock into the depth of your pleasure. You will appreciate how robust the walls are and how they hug your penis. The rib lines along the walls gently coax your penis, and they are very much life-like, as is the case with all the features of this sex toy.

You can hold on to the ripples on the side which enable you to have a firm hold of the toy, even when your hands are dripping with lube. You can also shut the open-ended hole at the bottom of the sleeve to increase the suction sensations for a much bigger climax.


Using a water-based lubricant, prepare your penis for penetration. Set the toy in the most comfortable position for you and get going. After use, clean the toy with some warm water and soap and keep it in a dry place.


Are you looking to add some difference to your solo sessions? This stroker comes with the added benefit of pumping your cock as you watch it get harder and thicker. It comes with powerful sucking abilities and you will feel like you are getting a handjob, and a blowjob at the same time, thus resulting in a delightful finish.

The sleeves are soft enough to ensure that you are comfortable and the nubs work on teasing your cock for a longer lasting erection. There are various speeds by which you can pump your cock, and the movements are controllable by the use of a remote control. As such, you and your partner can have fun pumping your cock at different speeds as you enjoy your foreplay sessions. You can also use it for solo sex.

It features a ball pump which allows you to opt for a quick release once things get heated.


Once you have slipped your cock into the device, turn on the remote and enjoy the sensations that will course through the entirety of your penis. Investing in some cleaning wipes is a prudent idea as cleaning this device tends to require more than just soap and water.


This sex toy model is a replica of a woman’s vagina, and it looks and feels as such. It comes with a small hole that gives you the right amount of grip to get your blood flowing to your penis. Once inside, you get to feel the bumps and warmth of a real-life vagina, and you can go deep as much as you wish, thanks to its extended length.

You can hold on to the vagina as you pump in and out, and the firm grips help you stay in control throughout the session. This sex toy stands out because it produces vibes as you ram it, thus increasing the pleasure derived from the pumping.


Slip your erect penis into the vagina, having applied a water-based lube on it, and stand to experience powerful orgasms that will have you holding on for dear life. Cleaning this toy is a breeze, and all you require is some warm water and antibacterial soap.

Are these top rated male sex toys?

These toys are the top trending male sex toys on the market, and they are an excellent way to explore your sexual preferences. If well taken care of, these devices will last you ages before you have to drop by the store for a replacement. And the fantastic thing about them is that they come in designs that will still be valid in the years to come, thus making them a significant investment. Whether you are using them with a partner or are going at it solo, you are bound to have lots of fun!

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