Top Ten Bullet Vibrators for Stronger Sensations – Buyer’s Guide!

Written by Julia

Do you like oral sex? Bullet Vibrators are the best sex toys for clitoral stimulation and pleasure. They are small, compact, and easy to use. Usually, Bullet Vibrators are cheaper than the vibrators that are created for G-spot or dual stimulation. If the clit is your hotspot and you get turned on by the touch of this erogenous zone, then you should definitely think of getting a small but powerful Bullet Vibrator for clitoral stimulation.

We will name and review the 10 best Bullet Vibrators on the market and tell you how they work. Enjoy the review and compare the products by the materials, design, functions, accessories and noise level. Some of the toys can be used solo, while some can become a new tool for foreplay and sex games with your lover.

List of Top-Rated Bullet Vibrators for Stronger Sensations

Product ImageProduct NameMore Information
1. Teardrop Bullet - Best Vibrator for Clitoral Stimulation1. Teardrop Bullet - Best Vibrator for Clitoral StimulationMore Information
2. Thunder Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Unique Design2. Thunder Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Unique DesignMore Information
3. Amour Remote Bullet - Best Vibrator for Internal Stimulation3. Amour Remote Bullet - Best Vibrator for Internal StimulationMore Information
4. Fun Black Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Small Size4. Fun Black Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Small SizeMore Information
5. Jumping Gyrator Bullet - Best Bullet Vibrator for Power5. Jumping Gyrator Bullet - Best Bullet Vibrator for PowerMore Information
6. Passionate Bullet Vibrator – Best Bullet Vibrator for the Price6. Passionate Bullet Vibrator – Best Bullet Vibrator for the PriceMore Information
7. Silver Bullet Vibrator - Best Bullet Vibrator for Reliability7. Silver Bullet Vibrator - Best Bullet Vibrator for ReliabilityMore Information
8. Tiny Teasers Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Intensity8. Tiny Teasers Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for IntensityMore Information
9. Triple Bullet Vibrator - Best Bullet Vibrator for Variety9. Triple Bullet Vibrator - Best Bullet Vibrator for VarietyMore Information
10. Wireless Bullet Vibe – Best Bullet Vibrator for Easy Usage10. Wireless Bullet Vibe – Best Bullet Vibrator for Easy UsageMore Information

The Best Bullet Vibrators for Stronger Sensations Reviews

Teardrop BulletClitoral Stimulation Intense Hum (Fairly Quiet Sound Level) Silver-plated ABS, Non-waterproof
Thunder BulletClitoral and Vaginal Stimulation Unrelenting Buzz (Loud Sound Level)Smooth and Firm ABS Plastic, Waterproof
Amour Remote BulletClitoral Stimulation Pleasurable Hum (Average Sound Level) Smooth and Firm, Luxurious Silicone  Waterproof
Fun Black BulletClitoral StimulationIntense Hum (Fairly Quiet Sound Level) Medical grade silicone  Waterproof
Jumping Gyrator BulletClitoral Stimulation Unrelenting Purr

(Very Quiet)

Phthalate-free hard plastic,

Non- waterproof

Passionate Bullet VibratorClitoral StimulationUnrelenting Buzz (Loud Sound Level)Phthalate-Free ABS with PU coating, Non-waterproof
Silver Bullet VibratorClitoral Stimulation Intense Hum

(Medium Sound Level)

Polypropylene with silver plating, Non- waterproof
Tiny Teasers BulletClitoral StimulationIntense Hum

(Average Sound Level)

Smooth and Firm ABS Plastic, Waterproof
Triple Bullet VibratorClitoral Stimulation Unrelenting Buzz

(Very Loud Sound Level)

ABS with PU coating (controller), ABS with silver plating (bullets). Non-waterproof
Wireless Bullet VibeClitoral Stimulation Intense Hum

(Average Sound Level)

Smooth and Firm,Silver-plated ABS  Waterproof

1. Teardrop Bullet – Best Vibrator for Clitoral Stimulation

I have recently bought my teardrop bullet and it makes my day so much better, it looks so good and is nice and small so I can take it anywhere. I opened the package and was surprised at how shiny and sleek it looked, it has a portable controller made from ABS plastic and the two vibrations are excellent, you can pause it whenever you want to prolong the sensations.

Design and Materials

I absolutely love my bullet, it is so smooth made from seamless silver plated plastic and it takes two AA batteries which are not included. I have had bigger vibrators before but the size of this appealed to me, it is so small yet so powerful, it helps give me a strong orgasm every time. When it comes to cleaning, I use a sex toy cleaner, I tried soap and water before and it does work, but I prefer a proper toy cleaner just to be safe.

Functions and Modes

The fact that I can take it anywhere very discreetly is great, it has a quiet hum and really stimulates my clit, it really zeros in on the right area of the body. I love clit stimulation and I have never had such a toy that could really focus on that area as much as this bullet does.


I love my bullet and I take it everywhere with me as it is so small, it really hits the clit for a really pleasurable experience.

2. Thunder Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Unique Design

Thunder Bullet is a cool-looking vibrator but it looks so much bigger than a bullet. The toy looks very stylish and unique, unlike those vibrators that are made in the shape of a penis. It looks metal and silver which makes it very special. The manufacturer created this vibrator for clitoral fun but I use it for vaginal pleasure.

Functions and Modes

Thunder Bullet works excellently whether you use it in bed or in a bath. It’s lightweight and durable. The toy requires 2 batteries which you need to buy, they are not included. There are various vibrating modes that are easily controllable with the twist of the cup. I think that the vibrator works too loudly and could do with a few decibels lower but if you live alone I don’t think it will be a problem.


Even with all of the features I mentioned above, the Thunder Bullet is affordable and I would even say cheap comparing it with other vibrators I’ve seen. I think this is a great toy for external and internal play, well worth the money spent, You’ll love it.

3. Amour Remote Bullet – Best Vibrator for Internal Stimulation

When I first saw this bullet I had to have it, my best friend showed me what she had just bought and that was it. I purchased the same bullet a couple of days later and wow, is all I can say what a great sex toy.

Design and Materials

It is a lovely color pink and they are so soft as they are made from body safe soft silicone, which feels fantastic inside or outside the body. It is also 100% waterproof which I love, as I do like a little fun in the shower now and again. I really love the USB charger so I can take it anywhere and charge it, another thing that is very useful is the remote control so you do not need to keep reaching down to the vibrator itself. It is beautifully heart shaped a lot of nice details have been put into this little devil, that is why I adore it.

Functions and Modes

There is no long cord hanging out of this thing, so it is perfect for internal stimulation something that is rare nowadays. Of course, there are several vibrations and speeds which we all love so there is plenty to play around with. The stimulation I get on my clit is amazing but then the added bonus of being able to insert it and get a whole new feeling is what I love the most.


I love this thing, I use soap and water to clean it and I keep it very close to me at all times, I never know when I may need this thing.

4. Fun Black Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Small Size

This is my fifth sex toy and I am absolutely in love with it. The Fun Black Bullet is super powerful and super easy to use, as it has only one button you need to worry about. I like to use it at home but especially during my business trips, it is so small I can fit it in any handbag I own. I love the fact that it does not need batteries, I charge it for an hour and play for another hour.

Design and Materials

As I said the toy is very small and will easily fit into your pocket. It is totally black with a red on/off button. Fun Black Bullet vibrator does not even look like a vibrator, so even if someone where to find it in your bag, they might not even know what it was. The vibrator is made from medical-grade silicone, feels very smooth and does not need lube application.

Functions and Modes

Fun Black Bullet offers 6 different vibrating modes that stimulate the clit very well. I am sure you will love to experiment with the functions like I did, and find the one that relaxes you and brings the most intense pleasure.


Fun Black Bullet looks very simple but looks can be deceiving, you might not believe it but I have used 5 very popular and recommended sex toys for clitoral stimulation and this beast brings the most pleasure. I think this toy can become a great assistant for a single girl, as well as a useful tool for horny couples.

5. Jumping Gyrator Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Power

When it comes to powerful vibrators this one is the top of the tree, I decided to buy mine two weeks ago and what a little treat I bought for myself. This bullet is wired and has an easy to use a controller with multiple speeds. It is nice and small that is why I decided to get it, I enjoy small vibrators that I can take anywhere I want and this fits the bill perfectly.

Design and Materials

It looks like it is made of satin and has such a strong gyrating action that brings an intense orgasm. It is made from plastic and if you are after intense vibrations and strong orgasms then this is the bullet that will deliver. It takes three AA batteries and I choose to clean it with soap and water, which works fine, it does not smell at all.


I could not be happier with this bullet, it is small and very discreet, it makes a slight humming sound but nothing loud. For the price of this bullet I got a real bargain, the orgasms are intense and this is, without doubt, the most powerful vibrator I have ever used.

6. Passionate Bullet Vibrator – Best Bullet Vibrator for the Price

If you are looking for a budget and safe way to bring yourself intimate pleasure, Passionate Bullet Vibrator is the best choice in my opinion. My friend bought me a Passionate Bullet Vibrator for my last birthday and I am so very thankful for such a present. I’m a single girl and finding a partner who I feel comfortable with isn’t so easy, that’s why this pretty pink vibrator and me became such good friends. Read my review and you will find out why it’s called passionate.

Design and Materials

This vibrator is fairly small and has a wire which connects the remote control and the vibrator. The toy has a nice pink color and it feels very smooth on the skin. It’s made from a soft plastic which even looks good, it doesn’t really require lube unless you prefer it to be very wet.


Passionate Bullet Vibrator has got a infrared light which spreads heat and relaxes you more. I think this is a very useful function, as I feel stronger and more pleasurable sensations when it’s hot down there.

Functions and Modes

The vibrator has got only two vibrating modes but they are quite powerful. If this is your first sex toy, you will be absolutely happy with what it can give you. I think it is a great idea to connect the vibrator and the remote control with a wire, as it makes all the fiddling about easier.

7. Silver Bullet Vibrator – Best Bullet Vibrator for Reliability

I have been using this for a few months now and it really is a classic, the silver bullet has been around for some time and you can understand why. It is so versatile and easy to use, there are no frills or surprises it gets down to business and does it very well. I love the price of this thing and the look, I use it to massage my clit and also on my nipples.

Functions and Modes

The vibrations are excellent and there are several different vibrations to use. It certainly works well on me, it gets straight down to business and the orgasms are intense. It is so versatile and small I can take it anywhere with me, I have even used it on my boyfriend. There is an attached controller and it uses two AAA batteries.

Design and Materials

It is made from silver plating which has a nice look to it too. I wanted something I could rely on and would do a job with no fuss, this bullet ticks all the boxes. I can use it whenever and wherever I want as it is small and portable, I also like the vibrations which are strong and the clit stimulation which the silver bullet is famous for is top level. Overall a great sex toy that gets the job done for a very low price.

8. Tiny Teasers Bullet – Best Bullet Vibrator for Intensity

The tiny Teasers Bullet vibrator is a small and cute sex toy that you can hide in your hand. I was looking for something very small and discreet. When I saw the toy on the Internet I thought it was really huge. Thankfully there was a video which proved how small the toy was, as soon as I saw that I had to have it. So yes, this toy is super small compared to other vibrators, but it’s as powerful as an engine.

Design and materials

Tiny Teasers Bullet is designed for your clitoris, so you can then lie back and enjoy the sensations. As I said, it’s really small so it’s easy and comfortable to hold it and use it the way you like. The bullet is made of ABS Plastic and has no smell and doesn’t cause skin irritations.

Functions and Modes

There is only one button that turns the toy on and provides 3 intensity-level vibration modes, and can turns it off. Tiny Teasers Bullet clit vibrator doesn’t need batteries and quickly recharges. I even use it in the shower as it does not affect the toy’s performance.


Tiny Teasers Bullet can become the little secret that will keep you happy in bed, or in a bath or on the go. Keep the toy in your handbag and have a fun time wherever you fancy. I also like to use it for internal stimulation, so the combination of sensations give me stronger orgasms.

9. Triple Bullet Vibrator – Best Bullet Vibrator for Variety

I saw this bullet in the sex shop no far from where I live and I was intrigued, so I bought it and what a purchase it has been. It is three bullets for the price of one all wired together and operated from one remote control. You can use the remote controller to control one, two or three or even all together at the same time, the choice is yours. I love to use all three at the same time what a great feeling.

Design and Materials

It is made from phthalate-free ABS with silver plating, whenever I use this toy I am always surprised at the power, especially when all three are vibrating at once. It gives a real pleasurable feeling that I do not want to end, as the wires are long I can use the three bullets on different parts of my body which really adds to the excitement. I like to use some lubrication just to ease into things as it can be a little intense at the start. I use a sex toy cleaner to keep it clean, it is a little on the noisy side, but what do you expect when you have three little devils dancing at the same time.


This is a great price for three bullets that can be used in so many different ways, it will definitely get you off.

10. Wireless Bullet Vibe – Best Bullet Vibrator for Easy Usage

Let me share my amazing impressions from the Wireless Bullet Vibe sex toy for women who love oral sex. Wireless Bullet Vibe is an ultra small and totally discreet vibrator that will bring you more pleasure than any other clitoral stimulator. I’ve tested a large number of sex toys and my latest finding, Wireless Bullet Vibe is simply perfect. Regardless of its compact size, it’s super powerful and lasts long until I need to charge it again. Oh yes! Forget about batteries, charge your new sex toy via a USB charging cord.

Design and Materials

Wireless Bullet Vibe has a simple look but this is what attracted me the most. I’m not a fan of big penis-like toys of pink colors and some butterfly wings. Wireless Bullet Vibe is silver ABS and super smooth which delivers smooth but intense vibrations on the clitoris. This design makes it easier to clean and keeps it away from bacteria’s since there are no curves or angles. An added bonus is the Wireless Bullet is also waterproof.

Functions and Modes

I’m totally satisfied with the three vibration functions the toy delivers. Choose from soft and smooth to intense and enjoy your time alone or together with your partner. In my experience, men prefer small toys. The Wireless Bullet Vibe can be used by singles, couples or you can even play with your partner’s nipples, applying the toy and using one of the modes, very horny.


As you can see, if you want to get a lot of pleasure you don’t have to buy a huge sex toy. So, does size matter? Not necessarily, if you want to feel soft touches or intense pulses on your clit, even a small but powerful Bullet Vibrator is enough. You have seen different sizes, shapes, and colors of vibrators for clitoral stimulation and now you can choose the one that attracts you the most. You won’t regret getting a Bullet Vibrator that is small, because we always want to take it away with us on those lonely trips.

Purchase a fun sex toy for your erogenous zone and take your masturbation and orgasms to a whole new level. Let a Bullet Vibrator take a special place in your home and heart and enjoy new sensations and feel stronger orgasms than ever before. There is a saying, once you find the bullet there is no going back and that is so very true. The bullet will treat you to a new level of excitement, you will be eager to use it whenever you get a spare moment. This truly is the vibrator for ultimate pleasure of the clitoris, try one and only then will you understand that every word that is written here, is the gospel.

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