Looking For The Best Sex Toys To Get Maximum Satisfaction?

Sex toys are a great addition to masturbation and partnered sex as they enable people to achieve orgasms with ease. As such, there are many options on the market which allow you to choose what works for you. Though the variety is a good thing, it can also be overwhelming for you, especially if you are a novice in the field.

In this guide, we will delve into what are some of the top rated sex toys on the market and what they have in store for you before outlining the top 10 sex toys at present.

Which sex toys are taking over the market?

PhotoProduct nameFeaturesProsMore info
1. The Pink Inspire Vibrator - Unrelenting Vibrations1. The Pink Inspire Vibrator - Unrelenting VibrationsRechargeable

  • Powerful vibes

  • Flexible

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2. Clitoral Hummer Vibrator - Incredibly Powerful2. Clitoral Hummer Vibrator - Incredibly Powerful
Seven vibration speeds
Silicone covering
Soft ticklers

  • Intense vibrations

  • Easy to clean

  • Smooth feel

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3. The Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator - BEST BEGINNER VIBE!3. The Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator
Dual stimulation
It is waterproof
5 in. by 1.5 in. shaft

  • Works for beginners

  • Incredible orgasms

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4. Lucid Dreams G-Spot Vibrator4. Lucid Dreams G-Spot VibratorSimple design
Curved tip

  • Discreet

  • Easy to master

  • Great for beginners

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5. Rejoyn Cock Rings5. Rejoyn Cock RingsSilicone surface
Ten functions

  • Easy to clean

  • Enhances erections

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6. An Intense Prostate Vibrator6. An Intense Prostate VibratorTen functions
Silicone material
Curved shaft
Pull ring

  • Easy insertion and removal

  • Strong orgasms

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Soft ticklers

  • Easy to use

  • Realistic design

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8. TURBO COCK RING8. TURBO COCK RINGStretchy cock ring
Ten vibes

  • Realistic feel

  • Flexible

  • Intense climaxes

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9. Pivot by We-Vibe™9. Pivot by We-Vibe™Vibrating clit stimulator
Powerful vibrations
Flexible cock ring

  • Easy to use

  • Intense orgasms

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10. Verge vibrating ring10. Verge vibrating ringSilicone surface
Double penetration
Flexible head

  • Easy to clean

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Bullet vibrators

These top sex toys are great for anyone looking for something cute, compact and discreet. They come in lovely designs which are comfortable even for beginners in the field. The vibrations produced by these gadgets also differ, and you can adjust the settings to find the right pace for you. They come into contact with your vulva, sending vibrations through your vaginal walls and thus eliciting an orgasm.

Hands-free sex toys

Sometimes, people are looking for something that is not strenuous on their hands, and this is when these devices come onto the scene. With these gadgets, you can quickly schedule lazy masturbation sessions by taking a seat and having the ride of your life. Top toys of this nature come equipped with different textures such that each experience is different from the last.

The wand

Sex experts advocate for the use of this device owing to its intense vibrations. The head’s surface area is big such that it can stimulate your labia and clit simultaneously, resulting in an orgasm that will have you beaming from ear to ear. It involves more parts compared to the bullet vibrator and is an excellent choice for pros. Various settings are in place to help users choose their pace.

The rabbit vibrator

With the ability to stimulate both the clitoris and the G-Spot at a go, this sex toy has quickly risen to become a favorite amongst women. Some options come with ridges on the shaft; which further increase the stimulation of the vaginal walls. Thanks to the magnets used in these devices, blood flow to sexual organs increases, leading to added sensitivity.

Clitoral vibrators

Though bullet vibrators do an excellent job at stimulating the clit, clitoral vibrators are the best option in this regard. They come with soft ears which are firm enough to exert pressure on the clitoris, yet gentle enough to arouse it. The flexibility also enables users to place them in various positions as they figure out what works best for them.


These devices are great for pegging, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As long as there is a generous amount of lube in play, users are bound to have a fantastic play session.

Oral sex stimulators

There are many options on the market in this regard. Some devices make direct contact with the clitoris while others send waves up the clitoris, thus eliciting a clitoral orgasm in the process. Though they are not precisely similar to what oral sex in partnered sex would be, they are quite close.

G-spot teaser

The G-spot is one of the hardest erogenous spots to reach as it requires location and patience for you to find it. This device not only locates it but it also works in its stimulation by sending vibes its way. As such, achieving an orgasm becomes a cakewalk.

Prostate vibrators

The P-spot is an erogenous zone which when stimulated, can elicit an orgasm that can send you into a frenzy. Using this device in anal play guarantees a satisfactory finish, no matter what gender you are. They come in varied sizes, allowing you to start off slim as you build up to larger designs.

Cock ring

Sex toys can also be part of penetrative partnered sex, as evidenced by the use of cock rings. Once the penis is in the ring, you can switch on the vibrators, and your partner can then bounce up and down the ring, experiencing mad sensations in the process.

Best Sex Toys 2018

There are many sex toys on the market, but few take the cake. Here are the top 10 sex toys across the globe at present.

1. The Pink Inspire Vibrator – Unrelenting Vibrations

What makes this gadget rank top amongst the top selling sex toys at the present day? Well, it comes with intense vibrations located on its head, to give you the kind of sensations you require to get there in minutes. You can adjust its position at will by moving it around your clit and vulva, thus spreading the feelings to all your sensitive bits. Cleaning up is an easy task, a bonus to the pleasure.

2. Clitoral Hummer Vibrator – Incredibly Powerful CLITORAL TEASER

This massager works for both beginners and seasoned users, owing to its multiple speeds. Its smooth and curved surface makes penetration easy and the nubs at the head stimulate your most sensitive bits. You can start slow as you tease your clit then move up for an intense orgasm. You can also use this on your nipples or your partner’s balls.


With stimulations going up your clit and G-spot simultaneously, you get to experience intense orgasms that can drive you over the edge. The bulb is flexible such that you can control its movements around your G-spot, heightening the pleasure derived from the buzz.

4. Lucid Dreams G-Spot Vibrator

Starting off with the basics is always a good idea when trying out sex toys. Though the design is simple, the orgasms are nothing close to ordinary. The curved shape allows you to find your G-spot with ease and the flexibility aids with control. The strong vibrations will do the rest on your behalf. It’s incredible and works great for beginners.

5. Rejoyn Cock Rings

If you are looking to have stronger erections coupled with intense orgasms, this is the toy for you. It comes with a silicone surface to give you a soft feel as you experience up to ten different kinds of vibes. It is an ideal way to heighten your foreplay and solo sessions.

6. An Intense Prostate Vibrator

Whether you are beginning to explore your prostate gland or have already found ways to, this toy will work wonders for you. The curved shaft easily reaches your P-spot while the vibrations course through the entire length of the massager. The settings allow you to play about with different paces as you figure out which vibe will get you to the state of euphoria.


Do you want to experience an elevated masturbation with Pornhub pussy stroker? It was designed to be as realistic as a woman’s most intimate area. It looks and feels like it, and this stroker has a lot of lines with ribs to deliver an ultimate sensation. It is soft, supple body, and is made of safe materials. It also allows you to change the tightness and speed at which you go. Are you seeking for more sensational feelings? This is the product you were looking for.


Whether you are looking to add some anal play to your sessions or are in the mood for a three-way fantasy, this toy has got you covered. In this way, your partner’s cock can be in your vagina as the cock ring goes to work on your sweet spots. The vibrations from the stimulator and the cock ring will surely get you there.

9. Pivot by We-Vibe™

This stretchy ring fits most cock sizes, and it comes equipped with bullet vibes to send stimulations up your partner’s clit. If you are using this on your own, slip it over your favorite dildo and get to work. The controls are quite simple, and the finish is indeed a happy one.

10. Verge vibrating ring

Verge vibrating ring enable you to get a fuller sensation during sex, and this adds to the pleasure derived from penetration. The cock rings work by firmly holding onto his balls such that the erection stays firm and for much longer than usual. In this way, you both get to go at it for hours on end.

How to use sex toys

Given that sex toys fall into the category of novelty items, there aren’t many regulations regarding their use and safety concerns. As such, this responsibility falls on the shoulder of users, knowing that the chemicals and materials used in manufacture could be harmful.

Before using a sex toy, be sure to look out for signs of wear and tear which could harm the inside of your anus or vagina. You should also use a condom on devices which are porous or those that are shared by two or more people. In this regard, ensure that the lube you use is compatible with latex to make sure that it does not break down the protective barrier.

After use, ensure that you clean the toys, whether or not they get used by one or more people. Cleaning ensures that bacterial infections get kept at bay. It also prevents pregnancy and the spreading of STDs. It is best to opt for non-porous toys as they are easy to clean as opposed to porous devices which easily harbor bacteria.

Anti-bacterial soap and warm water are necessary for this process. Ensure that the cleanser is unscented because scents lead to the development of health issues such as yeast infections.

Having followed these precautions and used the devices as per the manufacturer’s instructions, you can rest assured that you are safe.

How to buy sex toys

Buying a sex toy requires that you consider many factors. Other than where to buy the sex toy, you should also look into what you want out of the venture and other such aspects. Here are some things to consider when making this move.


Different sex toys work for different sensations, and you should figure out what you want to achieve from the purchase. Where some focus on one zone, others are versatile in that you can use them on various spots and in different positions. Others also allow you to have your partner join in on the fun and it is thus crucial that you look into its use.


There are many sex toys on the market which contain phthalates. Though these options are cheap on the market as compared to others, they come with problems such as putting you at risk of liver damage, infertility, and other health problems. Silicone is one of the best materials for use in sex toys so be sure to look into the outer surface of your choice of toy.


Do you want to go big or would you rather have something small which you can carry around? Compact options are great for use when traveling, and if you choose one with strong vibrations, you will be set to go. The reverse of this holds true.

The size

The bigger it is, the better the sensations derived. However, for a beginner, it is best to start off with something in a standard shape so that you can gauge if you are ready for the next step. In this way, you will not end up uncomfortable.

How to use a couples’ vibrator

One of the best toys to use in partnered sex is this vibrator which allows both you and your partner to experience wild sensations while going at it. Start by lubricating the stimulator before inserting it into your vagina. The tip will lie next to your G-spot while the other end will lie in your clitoral area.

Having done this, your partner can now penetrate your vagina and thanks to the vibrations; you will both be cumming in a moment’s time.

The top ten sex toys in this guide are a sure way to take your solo sessions or partnered sex to the next level with the touch of a button.